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Your photo must include the receipt date and show your purchase. Purchases must be made between 07/07/24 – 22/12/24, however, you can submit a claim using your receipt by 05/01/25.

You can upload images in one of the following formats: jpg, png, pdf, HEIC, jpeg with a max file size of 10MB

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This is only needed if there is relevant writing on the back, e.g. the purchase date.

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UK, 18+. Purchase, internet, mobile, & UK bank acc rqd. Purchase 07/07/24 – 22/12/24. Claim by 05/01/25. Retain receipt & pack. To claim, register details at, explain why you didn’t find the product easy to use in min. 15 words, upload receipt & pack image. Max refund £3.35 via bank transfer only. Max 1 claim per person, per receipt, email, mobile & bank account. Receipt can only be used once. Excl. apply. Full T&Cs see website. Promoter: ARLA FOODS, LS10 1AB