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Bubble and squeak made easy

14th June 20 - 2 minute read

Anchor Butter

Makers of Anchor Butter


Turn zero into hero with the help of our amazing bubble and squeak hack.

Fast and flavoursome, cosy and comforting, transform your leftover veg with this scrumptious take on a British classic – perfect for breakfast, lunch, supper or snacks.

We show you how in less than 20 seconds, in this snack-sized video.


What you need

Simply take the leftovers you want to give a delicious makeover (discarded Sunday dinners are perfect) and get set for a heart-warmingly simple bubble and squeak recipe.

With this top tip, you can turn uninspiring vegetables into a quick and tasty, any-time-of-day sensation.

We recommend:

Grab the pan, your leftover veg (brussels sprouts, carrots or cabbage are always a good bet) and don’t forget a smattering of creamy, mouth-wateringly moreish butter. Add some on top of the veg to begin with as it fries, then a little bit extra to top it all off at the end.

It’s perfect for starting off a day in bright, uplifting fashion – or rustling up a quick weeknight dinner without the stress – and with none of the mess.

Our amazing hack is as simple as throwing it all in a pan, then lather with melting butter for a perfect topping.


The extras

Pair your bubble and squeak with two fried eggs for an extra flavour boost, or some chopped tomato and onion for a little zing.


Tasty results

Lightly fried, your leftover veg and spuds will be turned into a delicious bit of food heaven. Crispy on the outside and soft and hearty in the middle, with a buttery touch for that perfect end to every bite.

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Anchor Butter

Makers of Anchor Butter