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Perfect poached eggs made easy

14th June 20 - 1 minute read

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Plate up the perfect poached egg, the ideal topping for your hot buttered toast, with our amazing food hack that makes delicious gooey poached eggs easy.

Serve for breakfast, lunch or supper – it’s quick and tasty.

In just 20 seconds we show you how to achieve eggs-tremely delicious results – fuss and fancy free.

What you will need

The classic poached egg is oh-so effective at keeping those hunger pangs at bay. And our hack makes it easier than ever before.

To follow our colourful video guide, all you need is a:

How’s it done?

Take your mug and cover the inside with cellophane. Crack your eggs inside, squeeze out the air and tie up securely. Bringing your pan to boil simply pop your eggs in, simmer and serve.

Then pair your poached eggs with golden brown toast, slathered with delicious Anchor butter and a sprinkling of pepper on top for an extra pop of flavour.


Time saving and simple

Poached eggs are the prima-donnas of the food world – they have a bad rep for being a bit temperamental and tricky!

This hack is a fuss and fancy-free way that you can get perfect poached eggs easy – ready for breakfast in bed, tea-time treats or a satisfying supper.


Tasty results

If you’re looking for a hack that packs a protein punch, look no further. A simple but satisfying solution, perfect for brunch, lunch and dinner.

Nothing quite beats tucking into a deliciously gooey poached egg, paired with warm, crunchy toast and a hearty helping of buttery deliciousness.

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